9JAUPDATE Income Registration & How to Create Account Login at www.9jaupdate.ng & Earn Daily Income.

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 Today I’d be making a 9jaupdate income program review where I will share with you everything you need to know about this wonderful program before you register

Be careful

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 So Lego>>>

Few weeks ago I made a post about Instant Kash income program, Instant Kash is dope? to the extent that many people were asking if there is a site like that, that is legit to double their earnings online.

Yeah, I have found another very legitimate one for you and they pay you weekly,  direct to your local bank account for reading news on their site.

It pays every Sunday, you are surprised right? Hahaha! Continue reading below;

Warningyou need to read this post carefully to the end, because I have spent not less than 8 good hours of my time writing this 9jaupdate Income Program Review.

Let me save your time dude.

So what?

 9jaupdate this, 9jaupdate that, so what is this program all about? Continue reading below to find out.

Well, 2 weeks ago,I got paid N15,000 from 9jaupdate after joining earlier in January in 2018 and here I come with my hot review.

See payment proof below

 Is 9jaupdate.ng Income legit or scam and the Ins and Outs? You will find out as you continue to read.....

9jaupdate income program is a new legitimate income program in Nigeria leading after Instant kash,
the online business strategy is very easy and according to them, you can earn by:

1. Reading News
2. Posting updates
3. Commenting
4. Active daily login
5. Sharing sponsored post
6. Affiliate Program
7. Etc…

If you are on this page right now , it’s either one of the search terms below brought you here from Google, Bing, Wikipedia etc.

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But you know what?

We at Trendsng24 doesn't care about that... I only want to show you what 🎇 works and all i care about is your Money, you hate scam right? Just like you, I have tried many internet make money stuffs and I have been duped so many times yes you had me well.

I know you can relate with this if you’ve been searching for sure ways to make money on the internet so you have to believe me right now, I don't want to waste your time and again this is not another review that only wants to earn money from your referral.

This review is so honest from what I have experienced so far.  So am going to teach you everything you need to know about 9jaupdate income program and my take on it.

Sould you join? should you not? You will find out as you continue to read.

 I love you and there’s nothing you can do about that hehehe!😹
funny right?

This program works very bad, and from my experience, they are scam.

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About instant kash? Yeah, they are LEGIT! Click on the link above to see how it work.
 But wait!

Don’t rush things yet.

Make sure you follow me to avoid making mistakes because I will show you how to get started into the 9jaupdate income  program.

This 9jaupdate Review will Cover a lot about 9jaupdate income program and everything you need
to know about this great platform.

  • What is 9jaupdate Income
    earning Program?
  • Is 9jaupdate Legit or Scam
  • Is 9jaupdate really paying Paying?
  • How to Join 9jaupdate.ng Program 
  •  how does 9jaupdate.ng works
  • How to earn from 9jaupdate.ng

9jaupdate Review
{ 9jaupdate.Ng
Review} What is
9jaupdate.Ng and
how does 9jaupdate

9jaupdate is a
Nigerian News Website build up to
share latest news and
information's worldwide.


It is not just about updating news for people to read without earning 💰.The platform claim to create an opportunity for its readers to make money as they read, Login, Comment, Share, Visit or Report Trending news around them.

Is 9jaupdate.ng income Legit Or Scam?

Just like i use to tell my readers, before joining any online earning affiliate program, make research about it, to make sure you’re working with a legit company. It's very painful to waste your time, effort and 💰 money  on a fake website and at the end you find out they’re scam.

Am also one fan of 9jaupdate.Ng and i was referred by a good Friend of mine on WhatsApp.
Firstly, from the website interface and setup, they’re scam.  i was not convinced,  i needed to see what other people are saying about the website to be sure before I joined and from my research, They are scam, do not waste your data and time on this site called 9jaupdate, they will never pay you.

How does 9jaupdate  

income program
🎇 Works 


There are different ways you can earn on 9jaupdate.ng according to them, which includes;

1.Welcome bonus: once you signup as a new member, you will receive a welcome bonus of N50

2. Daily login: when you login to your account daily on 9jaUpdate.ng, you earn N50

3. Sharing of sponsored post on Facebook: 9jaupdate also assign a sponsored post to members in their dashboard to share on their Facebook timeline or twitter handles everyday, you earn N100 daily on assigned posts you share.

4. Reading and commenting on posts on 9jaupdate.ng:
when you browse and read latest posts daily and contribute your view with a good comment, you earn N2.

5. Reply to comments: if you reply any comment you earn N2.

6. Referrals: as an affiliate, you earn 50% commission which is N800 per each referral. And the most interesting part of this platform is that you earn N200 from each person your referral refers. Which mean,  if you
have five referrals and your five referrals refer five people each, you will be awarded 200×59= 10,000+ your referral bonus of 4,000= 14,000

7. Creating a well constructed post: for every approved post you submit,you earn N50.

Total daily income on 9jaupdate.Ng : You will be making about 700Naira everyday doing some few things but you can earn
higher by dropping comments on the website(Yes, is allowed) in that case you can be making as high as 800Naira everyday even without a single referral.

How do I make withdrawal 
request from 9jaupdate?

According to them; They pay you every week and you can ask for your payout as soon as
your earnings reach the threshold of N5000. You will be paid through bank transfer if you request payout and the money will be transferred to your local bank account which you provided. From the above Review, 9jaupdate has almost ten ways to earn with your smart phone and it is very simple.

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How to Join 9jaupdate income program (9jaupdate Registration guide with screenshots step by step)

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