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The WowApp is available on PC and Android devices (can also be accessed on a IOS device).

Wowapp is an application that share’s advertising revenue you generate with you as soon as you reach the threshold which is $1. The app is easy to use just like WhatsApp it offers chat, calling, and a few other ways to earn, but today am going to write a review and see if it’s worth using.

First off, this will not make you a lot of money when you start,  it looks like you’ll be earning pennies while you are using this app. If that doesn’t sound well to you, check out My #1 Recommendation , it’s how I made over #13,000 online last month!
This platform is legit and they are paying very well.

In this WowApp review, I will explain to you everything you need to know about the app.

In this WowApp review, I marked them legitimate, its an app that I highly recommend. The main way to earn with this App is through shared ad revenue.
While using this app I was making less than $0.5 per day in ad revenue but after referring a lot of my friends to join with my referral link my earnings has increased from $0.5 to $1.7 daily.

There’re other ways to earn, by;
reading news, commenting, sharing and surveys, etc.

The main way to earn fast from this app is referring friends and having them make money for you. If you can refer a lot of your friends like me then you are good to go. But since most of my readers don’t have the ability of referring a lot of people, I think most of you won’t enjoy this app.

Now from my review above if you think this app is not the best for you check out the platform I do recommend!

How To Earn At WowApp

Advertise: AdvertiseMe is the money you make by the different ads clicked while you use the app to read news and chat. closely  every page in the WowApp has an ads shown in it, just using the app to chat and read news earns you a small amount of money from ad revenue.

Talk: You can call anyone that has a WowApp in his phone just like WhatsApp  free and also make international calls for pretty cheap rates and still get paid for it.  You’ll earn ten % of the money you spend buying points to make international calls and 15% when you purchase a WowApp number.

Games: There's 1000s of games in WowApp you can play, if they show ads during and between games you played that earns you some ads revenue.

Instant Earn: This section has to do with shot videos you can watch, surveys you can take, and other offers you can complete to earn more points.

Lock Screen Ads: Lock Screen ads are is only available for Android phones, it earn you 50% of the ad revenue you generate from viewing ads on your lock Android  phone screen.

Shop: Similar to blates, where you will get back a percentage back of what you spend shopping online.

How Does The WowApp Pay?

The WowApp has many ways to cash out your earnings including donations, Credit Card Credit, PayPal, and even Direct Deposit. It seems that most of the options start at $1 or let me just said 100 points remember 100 points is equal to $1, but the credit and PayPal options charge a fee.

Direct Deposit start at $2.25, but there does not seem to be a fee.

All About Referrals

Like I said earlier, if you just use this app, you’ll be earning less than pennies a day with the advertising, so to make good money you need others earnings to make good money. I know most of you can get a few friends to join, but that’s still not much of a daily income.
With my experience with this app so far, this site is not worth it unless you can refer 1,000s of people that earn you ads revenue even  when you are sleeping. Since most of my readers don’t have the ability to do this, I don’t think it’s worth joining. So I recommend this for you.

If you would like to learn more or to join, you can visit WowApp.com to join for free.

I hope you enjoyed this Review if you agree it’s not worth the small income, make sure to check out some other sites I have recommended.

As I mentioned, this app is going to be a small online income for you, if you are looking for a full-time job with a huge income, check out My No.1 Recommendation , it’s how I made over #13,000 online last month!