How To Rank
Blog On Google

Want to know how i rank my Blogs on Google first page?

You are in the right place!

Am sure you’ll agree with what am going to say.

Getting traffic from search engines like Google, Bing and other search engines is so hard.

but do you know

The best traffic for blog or business is search traffic (Organic Traffic)... Because it sends, most targeted traffic to your blog once you do it right.

If your blogs have never ranked on the Google first page before, it means you are not doing the right thing and you cannot get any Organic Traffic.

Well, there are different ways which you can start getting traffic from search engines to your blog. Which I will be talking about on this post.

If you read this post till the end you are going to discover:

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# One; a little known  procedure to make Google send you quality traffic on every post you publish. (from the day you publish the post).

# Two; a stupid mistake you are making right now; which you don't know, that is PLAINLY telling Google not to send any traffic to your blog.

There are millions of high-profile websites ranking on the top industry keywords. And there are millions of other bloggers trying to rank for this keyword as well.

Never give up, you just need to do the right thing, though! There are a few proven methods that i have used and I  found success to show up on the Google first page.

Today I will show you  step by step how you can also rank your post on the first page of Google and drive organic traffic to your blog and Websites from search engines.

The best of useful visitors which you can acquire to your blog or website is from Organic search results. This means when people search for something on google or Bing etc. and land on your blog.

Even business advertiser's always blog or website, which gets natural traffic from search engines.

Today, there are many search engines but Google is one of the most used and popular search engine.

How to rank on google first page and get organic traffic to you blog.

Few Weeks ago, I used the same thing am about to show you for a friend of mine and in few days, after using the technique he started getting organic traffic from search engines (Real human traffic through SEO).

In few seconds, you will also learn how to rank on search engines and get organic traffic to your blog.

But before that, let me start by  introducing myself to you in case if you are new to this page.

I am Muhammad Ali Aliox, and I own this great blog

I remember, when I started   my blog in 2017, when i will spend about five to six hours of my time sharing my link on social media just to get traffic to my blog but no matter what I did I never got traffic from Google. back then I know nothing about SEO/Ranking.

I was once at this point you are right now Frustrated and angry looking for traffic day  and night. (Planning to Quit Blogging).

Honestly I was like quitting blogging and I even posted it on Facebook severally. “I want to quit blogging stuff….But one day everything changed when I discovered by mistake one thing that changed everything completely for me…

The amazing part; the amazing thing about this LITTLE SECRET I want to tell you about is It works.

After using this stuff. 30 days after using it I pulled in
massive organic traffic from Search engine which earn me a lot of Doh.

About three people applied it step by step and they started
ranking and driving massive traffic from Google, Bing and from other search engines….

And now that it's your turn; am going to show you exactly
how I pulled it off and how you can also pull it off yourself.

Don't be Deceived By Backlinks – They don’t guarantee Rankings (Talking from experience).

Don't be deceived by people, Backlinks is never the reason why your blogs are not ranking. It baffles me  how people try to brainwash themselfs  saying backlinks are   all you need in order to rank on first page of Google.

Don't be deceived by anyone, Backlinks is never a MUST to rank on Google first page

#Though it may be needed...

Do you want to have these kind of result?

Here i have something that will give you exactly this type of results in one to two Months.

With the use of a few steps I will show you,  you can
start getting organic traffic from Google that will make you money via Google AdSense,self product sales and affiliate program you promote etc…

# But You Know What?

I won’t show you this little Secret for Free. If you are angry, you can go and hug transformer..... Lolzz

But if you will like to learn how to write your post and rank on Google Page #1 easily without suffering for backlinks, Sharing post on  Facebook groups and pages then  buy GOOGLE RANK ULTIMATE BEAST now.
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