Sure ways to make money online 2019

Yeah, on this post i will show you how to make money online easily.

They are unlimited ways you can earn huge amount of money for yourself without scamming anyone online.

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So, what kind of legal business can you start that can earn you reasonable amount of money online?

There are a lot of business opportunities online, but we are going to tap on those ones  you can start and earn good amount of money for yourself with little stress.

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With the never-ending recession in the country, things are getting harder each and everyday than it should be. Though, its only getting harder for the common men who are not trying enough…Hahahaha

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Sure way to make money online in Nigeria Legally


There are a lot of business opportunities online but you must agree with me when i said blogging is still the first and number one opportunity to make money online easily and legitimately.

This is the hottest and best amongst the online business
that you can start and earn reasonable amount of money in few months after, if you handle it properly.

What is Blogging?

Blogging is all about sharing tips or information's about  things you do. It could
be about anything like news, Jokes, blogging tips, how to make money online or whatever. There are so many things you can blog about.

Once you are done with design and have enough content on your blog, the next thing is to get traffic to your blog which is  said to be the most difficult part in blogging.

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Then you can start using Google AdSense, and Ads to monetize your blog, affiliate marketing and other methods to make money from your blog.

The amazing thing about blogging is that if you build your blog right, you will be making money even when you are sleeping. Your blog will be making dollar for you even when you play,travel,or eat. You will wake up and see dollars increasing everyday in your AdSense account.

Blogging can make you be that person you want to be in life. It can make you a millionaire or even billionaire. But the important part is doing things right the way it should be done and you should also build your audience. If you are interested and want to make money blogging, read this: how to make money.....


If you can make nice videos on with your phone or camera then you can make money by uploading these videos on YOUTUBE. Youtube is no 1 video sharing platform on the internet, youtube can make you a millionaire or even billionaire and it can also make you a star!.

You can make videos about anything, just like blogging,  You can talk about anything like blogging tips, news or how to make money online on your video. Just upload them to your YouTube channel share it on social media and tell the people to subscribe to your channel, so, they will be notify when ever you upload new video on your channel. YouTube pay you when people watch your video which is known as "views", you can use Google AdSense, affiliate marketing and other methods to monetize your YouTube channel and start making good money.

Am sure you have heard of Mark Angel comedy and others who became YouTube stars and Billionaires. That is the power of Youtube.


If you already have a blog or website and massive followers on social media, you can start earning money by promoting goods, products, services for people on your blog/website, You can even apply to affiliate programs sites of some notable brands like jumia and konga Affiliate Program.
The above mentioned business opportunities will give you many ideas for making money online.


Use what you have learned from this post and start making money online today. Though; You will have to work hard. But it will be well worth it when you find yourself on the road to financial freedom in a short time.

We will be adding more ideas and online business opportunities to this post as time goes on, so, trends24ng advise you to bookmark this page for future use. Please don't forget to share with your family and friends , they may also need some ideas on how to make money online.