Legit Way To Make Money Online in Nigeria by Reading News and Performing Some Other Simple Activities on Cashgist.com.ng

Hey friends, I’d be making an


income program review today; is it Legit or Scam?

On this post I will share with you everything you need to know about Cashgist.com.ng and how you can get started to register.

Cashgist income is a legitimate online business in Nigeria where you can make at least N5,000+ daily doing a few tasks such as
sharing of post on Facebook, commenting on post on the site by sharing your views, and referring others etc.

This review is was written earlier May 2019 when I started with the program and this is June, and I must confess, Cashgist income is a very legit program.

In fact; in May I got paid 15,000 and this month I have made N5,000 so far. See proofs below;

So its 200% Legit.

You want to register to the Cashgist program right now?

WhatsApp me: 08161895792 for YOUR COUPON CODE or help.

Cashgist income Program was designed by Victor Joshua to reduce a percentage of poverty in Nigeria by giving their users some simple activities to carryout and a good pay for a job well done.

This means, anywhere you are ,relaxing by the pool side, in the bus, shop and even in your home, you could earn some cash to your bank account while getting entertained and informed.

Reading news and get paid is not longer a fantasy, its a reality on Cashgist.com.ng income. Joining Cashgist Income can not be over-emphasised, you would be earning even up to ₦15,000 to ₦20,000 Weekly if you work hard like me.

Yes I mean it, Read on>>>

What is Cashgist all about?

Cashgist.com.ng is a legit platform where people come together to earn on the platform daily and get paid weekly to any Bank of your choice. Cashgist income pay their readers 75.5% Affiliate Earnings to your local bank account which can be accumulated with your daily activities to increase your earnings.

55 percent of Nigerians spent alot of their time at home doing nothing,wondering how they start up something new to put food on their table, not knowing they could earn some real cash every second with their phone and little capital while they sit at home.

Who is Victor Joshua?

According to his blog here:
Victor is a Nigerian Entrepreneur, Internet Marketer, A professional blogger, and A philanthropist.

How to Register in Cashgist and get approved?

 1: Fill in your details correctly like Phone number, name,email etc.

Step 2: Select Paystack as payment option fill in your ATM card details like Card no, expiry date etc, and then Pay your N1,000 using your ATM Card. (Don't be afraid, you are safe with Paystack).

Q; What is Paystack Payment?
Paystack payment is a online payment gateway that enables you to use your Debit Card to pay for the NIP pack anywhere.

With the help of paystack payment, you can pay with your bank online as well no matter where you are, no need to going Bank to deposit money in any account.

Once payment is complete, your new account will be approved automatically.

If you have any problem, and the payment doesn’t go through, try and initiate it again.

Step 3: Start to Make Money easily

Cashgist is the Best for now and it’s paying very well.


Participants has many options to earn money on Cashgist income and transfer it to their bank account weekly.

1. Welcome Bonus: You earn #300 when you successfully registered your account on Cashgist and the earnings will instantly reflect to your account dashboard.

2. Daily login: You earn #50 or more When you login to your account daily on Cashgist.

3. Reading News: You Earn #4 per news you read news on the site.

4. Commenting On Posts: You Earn #4 When you Comment On Posts on the site, You earn ₦4 per
comment and you can comment as many as you can.

5. Referral: You earn Extra #600 On each person you refer to Cashgist income through your referral link, if you register At least ten people daily that’s N6,000 daily plus other activity earnings!(NOTE referral is optional, you will still get paid without referrals).

6. Sharing Sponsored on faceboom: You earn #150 when you share news/post on Cashgist to your Social Media accounts. Sponsored Post are posted on the site daily To share to enable you earn more when you share it to Social Media Daily.

You want to register to the Cashgist program right now?

WhatsApp me: 08161895792 for YOUR COUPON CODE help.