In this Masspay Review, I will explain to you everything you need to know about how Masspay income program and how to make money from Masspay income program in Nigeria

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How does Masspay income program works and how can you register and start making money from the Masspay income program easily in Nigeria.

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I believe you may want to know is Masspay Scam or Legit.

Masspay income program

and was launched  recently this year in May 2019 and now is the time register to take advantage of this program before it gets saturated and filled with lots of people. one thing for sure is that when it comes to new income program in Nigeria, we all know that first time users who joined earlier benefit more out of it before it gets filled up with angry Nigeria youths. Lol😅

Masspay is an income program with a lot of differences. don’t worry you will know why i said  Masspay income program is the best income site in  Nigeria as you continue reading below.

With Masspay income program, you have several ways in which you can make money easily and  fast and imagine getting paid #1000 per one person you referred to the Masspay income website. Yeah guy you heard me right. (Referral is Optional).

so how does Masspay income program works?

How Can I  Earn And How Much Can I Earn As A Masspay User?

With a one time investment of ₦1,500;

You will gain access to earn more than 1500 - 2000 daily with referring anyone to our site.

As a member of Masspay income program, you will earn 75% direct referral commission for inviting your friends to take part in this great opportunity.

How To Earn Do I Earn Mass pay?

After you have successful registered, the followings are ways to earn and make money on Masspay.

1. Once you Sign up, you receive bonus of N200 welcome bonus

2. Reading News earn you N5 per news you click

3. When you Comment on each news you earn N3 per comment you make

4. When you Submit Post your earn N100 per post you submit

5. When you Submit News About Celebrities you earn N150 per any celebrity news you submit to masspay income website.

6. Sharing any news on the site, you earn N2 per news you share

4. Daily Login bonus is N70 you will be credited instantly everyday you log in to your masspay account

5. Also Sharing sponsored post is N100 per sponsored post you shared on Facebook

6. First person to comment on sponsor post daily earn N500 instantly

7. Weekly Quiz earn you N500 if you participate in daily quiz and won

8. And finally you Earn N900 for any person you refer to Masspay.

Minimum withdrawals is N3,000. (Everyday) you can also make withdrawal once you have #1,000 referral bonus.

How to join us in Masspay income Program You #1,500 (one time payment) and a valid email address to activate your account and gain full access to your dashboard and to get your referral link in order to take advantage of Masspay income Program.

How to make payment
after creating with account with Masspay income,you need to purchase coupon code from coupon vendors or Via paystack with your ATM card use it to make payment.

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