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Yes welcome to Trends24ng blog we are always here to help you twenty four hours and we are always active please feel free to call or email us with the contact details below and please you should be clear when speaking or discussing any issue please, we love you and we will always be your friend.

You can contact us on Twitter, Facebook, via email or phone No. Though, we might be busy some times, you can still schedule physical appointments remember i base in Bida, Niger State.

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PHONE      --  +234 8161895792      

Please, DO NOT call us during late hours in the night and If we don't pick your call,  DROP A TEXT MESSAGE or EMAIL US via the email address provided below.

Please be advised that you will be best served via email because some questions can only be answered by email fast.  Hence, I will prefer you send me an email, if you want to ask questions.


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Muhammad Ali Aliox, A professional Blogger,Web Specialist, Student, Son, A business Man, with full interest in making the world a better place.

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